YLF or YMCA Leadership Formation is a leadership training that promotes the “YMCA” brand of leadership anchored on the virtues of  HONESTY, JUSTICE, EXCELLENCE, SERVANT LEADERSHIP, INTEGRITY AND LOVE OF GOD AND COUNTRY.


  • Hi Y Club Members
  • Makati YMCA Youth Club,
  • Club Advisers

Reached: 282 students*
As of 2017-2019

The Hi-Y club is a high school YMCA organization that is present in all Makati City public high schools. The Makati YMCA aspires to develop young future leaders from the Hi-Y Club who are willing to serve the community. The Hi-Y club’s officers and members are invited to attend this annual event. It will last two days and two nights.

During YLF, there are forums, events, seminars, and fellowships. These are mostly centered on servant leadership, which is our service’s identity. We constantly make sure that the influence we gave them will remain in their minds and hearts as they grow into ideal leaders of our future generations, just like our tagline says, “Once a Y’er, always a Y’er.”